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CLPS is a full- service Minority owned and operated Marketing and Advertising Firm established in 1998 with the expressed purpose of providing services tailored for Today's, Non-profit Organizations, Corporations, Small Business and Religious Organizations. Our goal is to make your Vision a Reality through collaboration of ideals, conventional sources, networking, marketing, public relations, planning and developing your profile and portfolio to meet all of your personal, professional and business needs. We place the needs of each client as Top Priority serving you with Honesty, Integrity and dedication while fulfilling your needs.

Our Executive Team

Monique T. Cotton, CEO/Marketing Director
Charles Cotton, CFO/Accountant
Antoinette Franklin, Executive Assistant
Angel Merritt, IT/Graphics

Mission Statement

Covenant Link is committed to expanding the goals of its clientele through effective research and collaboration of resources that provides content, visibility and uniqueness. We will create strategically executed programs and campaigns achieving Creative and Superior results.

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